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Caterpillar Offers a Full Line of Tires for all Skid Steer Brands

The quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from the name Caterpillar can now be found on a complete line of skid steer loader tires.

Caterpillar offers four different models of tires that will fit most major brands of skid steer loaders on the market. Because the versatile machines can work in a variety of applications, equipping them with the proper tires can make a significant difference in minimizing operating costs and maximizing productive uptime.

The five models of Caterpillar tires include: three pneumatic types—Premium Conventional, Low Side Wall (LSW) and Premium Conventional Flotation— the Extreme Duty Solid and Flexport version.

All of the pneumatic models feature 42 dual-tapered, extra large step lugs in an open tread design to provide exceptional traction on virtually any underfoot conditions. The open-tread design also promotes self-cleaning action in most general applications. The dual –sidewall construction –the thickest in the industry—provides heavy-duty protection against punctures and sidewall wears caused by work site hazards. An advanced blend of natural and synthetic rubber combines with reinforced bead area for long life and maximum wear.

Download the Caterpillar 2010 Tire Product Guide (6.7mb)

Premium Conventional Skid Steer Tires

  • Standard on Cat Skid Steer Loaders
  • Industries heaviest rim guard to reduce potential tire bead and wheel flange damage


Low Side Wall Tires

  • Compact and sturdy design for increased stability on uneven work applications
  • Sidewall is twice as thick as a conventional heavy- duty model to help prevent sidewall punctures and other potential tire damage
  • Low Profile tire keeps working even without inflation and sidewall is strong enough to support the weight of the machine without air pressure. In most cases, operator can complete job before stopping to repair or replace the tire


Premium Conventional Flotation Tires

  • Wider tire designed for working in applications that require low ground pressure.
  • Offers a more stable foundation when working in softer terrain and is an alternative to rack in some applications.
  • Includes all the features of the premium conventional tire as well as a higher load- carrying capacity


Extreme Duty Solid Tires

  • Never go flat
  • For use in most severe applications
  • Higher loading capacity and three times the wear life of pneumatic tires


Flexport Tires

  • Solid Tires with holes molded through the outer ring of the tire’s sidewalls to improve flexibility and stability.
  • Increased width for greater floatation
  • Deeper tread-58% deeper than the extreme duty solid tire- enables the transition form improved surfaces to unimproved surfaces
  • 28% greater carrying capacity than the extreme duty solid tire
  • Non-marking Flexport tires are designed for special uses such as indoor floors, driveways and walkways and are ideal for landscaping.


To find the right tire for your skid steer loader contact your Product Support Sales Representative or visit one of our store locations.



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